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Banks of the Hindu Deity Watercourse

On the banks of the Hindu deity watercourse within the picturesque Kullu district of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh could be a little hamlet, Kasol. It’s usually referred to as a flower child haven’ or backpackers’ paradise, and is brimful with native and foreign tourists, in the main Israelis, WHO currently with pride decision Kasol home.

Passes Through Waterfalls

For unbeatable views of glaciers and gorgeous Himalayan valleys, trek up to Kheer Ganga, at AN elevation of thirteen feet. This trek is a straight forward one and passes through little hamlets and a series of lovely waterfalls.

Views of Natural Peaks

Once you reach Kheer Ganga, you’ll be rewarded with breathless geothermic springs, simply what you would like once the weather is cool. Relax within the hot springs whereas enjoying views of natural covering peaks.